Sunshine Blogger Award 1.0

Hello, my dear readers and fellow bloggers!

I have been nominated for a new award, Sunshine Blogger Award 1.0. I am declaring a new award because this specific prize refers to SEO Sunshine Blogger, not the one we were previously used to.

My name is Farida, a blog writer, owner of the blog and I work in an engineering company in Italy.

I would like to thank Katherine (, for nominating me.

Rules to the Sunshine Blogger Award:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and give a link to the blog.
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you.
3. Share 11 facts about yourself
4. Nominate between 5-11 other bloggers
5. Ask your nominees 11 questions
6. Notify your nominees once you’ve uploaded your post.

Questions for Me

  1. How do you cope with the Coronavirus situation? How is quarantine working for you?

#I stay home. I live in a chaotic city where everyone is always running. Because of this disaster we had to slow down… stop, I would rather say. I’m very sad for all the people that have died in our country, and especially the enormous amount just in our region.

1. Have you ever enjoyed a sunrise with someone dear?


2. What is the most exciting thing that you did during this quarantine?

Staying with my family, writing and gathering new ideas for my blog.If you were to leave the country and leave tomorrow, what place would you chose?

3. What is your opinion about after life and do you believe in reincarnation?

I don’t believe in a life after death and in reincarnation.

4. What is the most amazing tea flavor that you have ever tasted? Exemplify your choice.

I love mint.

5. What do you think about online shopping?

I prefer to go physically in a shop, but I think that we will tend, especially after Covid-19, to do much more shopping online.

6. If you were to close your eyes for a moment, what is the first thing that you can visualize?


7. Do you like Korean Dramas? If yes, name a few.

I don’t know much about Korean Drama.

8. Have you ever baked something at home, do you consider yourself a good chef?

I love cooking and I always look for new recipes to try.

My Nominees

  1. MPA Travels
  2. Zoung22
  3. Leyla
  4. Saania Sparkle
  5. Feldenkraisbarcelona
  6. Wondertips777
  7. Purplerays
  8. WAEL
  9. Chaymaa
  10. Raffa
  11. Musicaeanima

11 Questions for nominees

  1. What’s your name?
  2. Why you opened a blog?
  3. What is the aim of your blog?
  4. How long have you been writing the blog?
  5. Who’s your favorite movie?
  6. Which is the nicest place you visited?
  7. What would you eliminate from this year?
  8. What are you afraid of?
  9. What is your best quality?
  10. How can we make our world better?
  11. Do you have pets?



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