Quiz Time! 63

Oggi vi propongo un quiz un pò diverso. Guardate il video di youtube e cercate di rispondere nei tempi indicati (possibilmente senza mettere in pausa il video ;-)). Le risposte saranno date alla fine di ogni domanda… quindi non dovrete aspettare domani 🙂

Alla fine del video ci saranno 5 consigli utili pe tenere allenata la nostra mente :-).

Today’s quiz will be a bit different than the usual.

Try to answer the questions in the timing indicated (possibly without pausing the video ;-)). The answers will be given at the end of each question, so you won’t have to wait till tomorrow 🙂.

At the end of the video you will find five tips to keep our mind trained :-).

Following is the translation of the questions for my English speaking friends:

Question no. 1: which glass has more water? Answer: among the four objects, the staple has the lesser volume and will have, hence, less influence on the level of water in the glass.

Question no. 2: Are the two squares evidentiated of the same color?

Question no. 3: Which letter do you see?

Question no. 4: Find the logical sequence.

Question no. 5: Find the missing number

Question no. 6: I wrote a book. To number all the pages I used 222 digits. How many pages does my book have? You can pause this video (only this one!).


6 correct answers: you’re a genius; 5 correct answers: you have an out of ordinary intelligence; 4 correct answers: excellent; 3 correct answers: good; 2 correct answers: medium; 1 correct answer: you were not concentrated while doing the test; 0… you were on pause!

5 tips to keep our mind trained:

  1. Do regular exercise with tests which are specific in the areas you lack in
  2. Always train (especially for the weaker areas) when your mind is not under stress
  3. Keep in mind that some of the tests involve mainly visual capacities (like question no. 3)
  4. Remember that with age (from age 35 on), our QI can become lower
  5. It is not only the sum of the individual abilities that counts, but above all how they blend together under the action of our will. It is not only the sum of the individual abilities that counts, but above all how they blend together under the action of the will. impegno, studio e costanza sono fondamentali; ricorda sempre che non sarà un test stupido a dirti quanto vali o che tipo di risultati otterrai nella vita

La risposta al quiz di ieri (l’interruttore)/The answer to yesterday’s quiz (the switch):

Il terzo (giallo)

The third one (yellow)

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