Saving at home – pan fried bread

I already know what your reaction will be to today’s recipe … “BREAD, AGAIN?!”

I already know what your reaction to the recipe will be. But, If you forgot to buy bread and you don’t feel like or don’t have time to go out and buy it, this recipe will certainly come in handy today!


Also this recipe, besides being cheap, does not require an oven.

Ingredients: 250 g flour 00 – 200 g extra virgin olive oil – 130 ml lukewarm water (half a glass) – 1 teaspoon of salt – a pinch of sugar – half a sachet of instant yeast for bread preparations.

In a large bowl put the flour, oil, warm water, instant yeast, a pinch of sugar and salt.

Knead until a smooth and homogeneous dough is obtained.

Roll out the dough with a rolling pin on a lightly floured surface to a thickness of half a centimeter and with a round pastry cutter (or a glass) cut out the little breads.

Cook the scones in a pan at low heat (otherwise they will burn out without cooking well internally) 5 minutes per side. It is not necessary to oil or butter the pan, the muffins are cooked in this way, without adding fat or anything else. I recommend using a non-stick pan.

Once they are cooked on one side, prick the opposite side with a fork, in order not to make your bread swell too much.

Pan-fried scones are excellent eaten immediately, but also delicious the next day.

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