Saving at home – Baba Ghannouj


Baba Ghannouj is a typical Arabic eggplant appetizer very well known in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Israel and Egypt.

It is also called “eggplant caviar” and is excellent on croutons or also as a sauce to accompany grilled meat .

It is ideal to serve with Falafel and Arabic bread cut into triangles and lightly warmed together with the Greek tzatziki (yogurt sauce) and it is a really an excellent mix of appetizers for an evening with friends.


Ingredients for 4 people: 2 eggplants – 3 spoons of tahina sauce (a sesame cream that you can easily find in all supermarkets) – the juice of 1 lemon – 1 cup of chopped parsley – 1 clove of minced garlic


Bake the aubergines in the oven after piercing them at 180° for about an hour.

Once cooked, cut them in half and remove the skin.

Pulp them with a fork or pass them in the mixer incorporating tahina, garlic and lemon juice.

Add some extra-virgin olive oil and parsley and serve.

Enjoy your meal!

Original recipe:

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