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Hello everyone!

Today we will prepare the Giardiniera salad (pickled vegetables), certainly one of the best known and at the same time most classic preserves of the Italian gastronomic tradition.

This pickled preparation is very rich and tasty because it collects all the goodness and aromas of the vegetables of our land.

Depending on the season, you can in fact find it prepared with different but always very tasty and delicate vegetables.

It will not be difficult for you to understand the reason for the term “garden” (in Italian giardiniera), when the different vegetables appear in the jar with a beautiful chromatic effect that will remind you of spring!

The Giardiniera salad can be enjoyed on its own as an appetizer or side dish or to enrich your rice salad.

Let’s start:


Ricetta Giardiniera sott'aceto - La Ricetta di GialloZafferano

Ingredients for 4 people: 1,5 l White wine vinegar (or apple) – 300 g Carrots – 200 g Fresh onion – 300 g Red peppers – 300 g Green peppers – 300 g Yellow peppers – 30 g Sugar – 300 g Cauliflower florets – 300 g Green beans – 300 g Celery – 300 g Cucumbers – 1,5 l Water – 30 g Coarse salt – 3 laurel leaves – 10 grains Black pepper – 4 Juniper grains


First wash all the vegetables well under fresh running water and then clean them.

With a knife cut the celery into 1 cm thick pieces, then remove the roots of the spring onions and cut them in half; then clean the green beans, removing the ends.

Peel the carrots and then cut them together with the cucumbers into 0.5 cm thick slices.

Cut all the peppers and with a knife remove the seeds that are inside.

Cut the peppers into strips (not too thin).

With a small knife, remove the outer leaves of the cauliflower, cut the core, then detach the tops.

Once have finished cleaning and cutting all the vegetables, put a large pot of water and vinegar on the stove.

Add the bay leaves, salt, sugar, black pepper and juniper in grains. When the water starts to boil, add the carrots and cauliflower, boiling for 3 minutes over medium heat.

Then add the green beans, spring onions, celery and peppers that you cut earlier.

Finish with the cucumbers and boil everything for another 4 minutes.

Once the vegetables are ready, remove the pan from the heat and drain them well, keeping the cooking liquid in a bowl. Let the vegetables cool in a steel pan and in the meantime proceed to sanitizing the jars and caps.

When the vegetables have cooled completely, place them in the jar trying to arrange them neatly but without pressing them too much. At this point, filter the cooking liquid that you have kept aside and pour it into the jars, covering the vegetables but taking care to stop 1 centimeter from the edge of the jar.

Close the jars. If you use jars with screw caps, screw the caps well but do not over tighten.

Then move on to boiling the jars, or pasteurization. If you use jars with screw caps, once the jars have cooled, check if the vacuum has been done correctly: you can press the center of the cap and, if you don’t hear the classic “clickclack“, the vacuum will have occurred.

If after reboiling you notice the formation of small bubbles of air, when the jar is still hot, tap it gently on a surface, so as to bring up the bubbles which then disappear naturally.

Your pickled vegetables are ready!

Enjoy your meal!

original recipe:


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