Women’s stories – Mery

Today’s story is that of Mery, a victim of food addiction, and how she recovered her life in order to return to live it with joy.

It is a long and tiring journey, but it is possible. So, when you meet a fat or obese person, know that they may not simply be greedy and “eater”.

An addiction may be hiding behind her round cheeks, which in turn hides a pain you can’t even imagine. That of wanting to fill, with food, the abyss of solitude.


Buona lettura. πŸ™‚

Plump face, round and wobbly bottom, large breasts and stocky hands

But that beautiful smile is always there, which makes you want to crush those round cheeks.

But behind that heap of abundance, what is she hiding? It is clear that people tend to feel more sorry for an excessively thin person than someone who is surrounded by fat.

Hypocrisy aside, the most common phrase in the case is: “Eat less“. Well, unfortunately that’s not the case.

In the world there are many types of lethal addictions, of drugs, classified in various categories, as if to grant a conscientious penalty discount for having used them. Then there is IT, food. You can find it everywhere, they serve it in a thousand ways, it is cheap and it is legal. In short, the perfect drug.

I begin to have a strange confidence with it, to establish a good relationship, up to a sort of emotional relationship. I love it and hate it, I seek for it and I reject it. He doesn’t talk, he satisfies me, he doesn’t run away, he satisfies me, he doesn’t criticize, he satisfies me. β€œHow many times have you ended up directly in my mouth passing through my hands”.

I need it. I look for it, I swallow it, I abuse of it and Flavor becomes irrelevant.

Just fill up.

Where the world does not go, he comes. To fill me with what I miss. To satisfy me.

But as in any sick love, pain comes sooner or later. I am addicted, I alter reality, the perception of quantity and images.

I see something repulsive in the mirrormyself. I crossed that line between abuse and addiction.

Now I am what I eat and what I eat is what I feel.

While the others are deceived by a beautiful smile, I slowly die inside, less and less master of my body, a diving suit.

Then I start living in a world built on excuses, held up by lies to myself and sealed by procrastination. Oh yeah! you know …. honestly it becomes “comfortable” to live like this.

The suffering that is felt is so strong that it acts as a refuge.

He welcomes me lovingly in his large arms. But then you realize that you are not living, you are just surviving. The thought of food annihilates every longing for life, sweeping away everything in its path: happiness, lightheartedness, the naturalness of small gestures.

We live in a society where it is not allowed to be the discordant with the standards.

Consequently you cancel yourself socially.


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    1. Sorry, somehow I missed this comment… I just saw it now, checking my mail. True, we must do our best for a healthy lifestyle. Sorry again for the delay in responding. Keep safe πŸ™‚

      "Mi piace"


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