Saving at home – No-knead bread



Hello everyone!

The no-knead bread, the homemade bread the one with the crunchy crust and the soft inside and full of holes perfect for homemade bread … it seems made for eating it with fresh tomatoes or spread with Nutella … why not try it at home ??? This BRILLIANT recipe of no-knead bread was invented by an American baker named Jim while on vacation with his family.

The leavening times of the no-knead are very long, but it does everything by itself … this bread is self-made and you have to try it because then you won’t leave it anymore!

If you want to do it for the same day, of course, you can also let it rise at room temperature for about 4 hours instead of overnight in the fridge and it will be fine too.

Let’s start:


Ingredients for 1 LOAF: 300 g Manitoba flour – 200 g 00 flour – 340 g warm water – 8 g fresh brewer’s yeast (or 2/4 g dry) – 10 g salt – 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil – 6 g honey or malt


In a large container, mix the 00 flour and the Manitoba flour and add the salt.

Add dry or fresh yeast (if you use the fresh yeast, you will have to melt it first in a little bit of water), to the flours and mix.

Add the water and malt (or honey), add all the extra virgin olive oil and mix with a spoon, (without kneading).

Close the container you used with the cling film and place it in the lower shelf of the fridge for 12/18 hours. After this time, take the bowl out of the fridge, remove the dough and mash with your hands without kneading, forming a rectangle on a floured work surface.

Fold the 4 flaps inside, then first from the left to the center, then from the right and place the flap of dough on top, then from the bottom and then from the top. Flour a large cloth and place in it the shape of the bread you created with the flaps facing downwards, turning it slightly with your hands towards the center to form a ball.

At this point, close the cloth and let it rise for 1 hour. Turn on the static oven at 250 °, put in a very large pot and let it boil, then insert the bread with the folds facing upwards this time.

Close the lid and let it cook for 25/30 minutes. After this time, remove the lid and cook for another 15 minutes. If you dont have a pan that goes into the oven (i.e. without plastic parts) you can also put the well floured bread on a large pan in the oven at 220 ° and it will cook just as well even if it doesn’t have this rustic crust on top.

You can also use only plain flour or 0 flour or all of Manitoba or even mix the flours with a wholemeal or semolina part.

The important thing is that the total amount of the flour is always 500 g.

Enjoy your meal!

original recipe:

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