Women’s stories – Nadia

Today’s story is that of Nadia, who like many women in the world still find themselves having to live with violence within their homes, but who, thanks to her obstinacy and the help of special people with a big heart, managed to regain reins of her life.

“It is difficult when you are a victim of violence to react. Why? I can’t tell you, you come to think that we deserve it, or even worse – who will believe me“?


Nadia is a young, determined woman, independent, with a good job and many friends. One day, at a party, she meets Joel, a beautiful young man. His green eyes are deep and intense.

A great love is born almost immediately, he is always caring and the months to come are full of happiness and the relationship seems to start under the best auspices. At some point, Nadia discovers she is pregnant, and the joy is immense.

“We really wanted to get married anyway, so now it will just happen sooner

The more time goes on, more of Joel‘s character gets worse and worse, and anything becomes a good reason to turn into increasingly fierce reproaches. But Nadia thinks it is due to the change in lifestyle, she no longer has a job and the baby is still very young.

For work reasons, he is very often away from home and even from a distance he always finds opportunities for insulting and threatening Nadia, who just thinks of her baby.

The clear sky is clouded by his returns, but finally he leaves again. Meanwhile, the money for rent and basic necessities are starting to run out. Time passes and, on the first day of kindergarten, Nadia decides to look for a job and finds it.

The real ordeal starts now…

Visits and calls on the workplace … until when even the employers intervene trying to discourage him by warning him that they would call the police.

At home Nadia tries, when he is there, to keep calm … always with great effort; the first slaps and outbursts of anger begin, sometimes for no reason.

Letting that first slap through, though, opened the door to violence. But Nadia must save what can be saved: it is not possible, what happened to him … It will pass, sooner or later he will calm down… until that day …

“I’ll take him away, you’ll never see him again.”

And so it is. One hot summer afternoon Nadia comes home from work and nobody is there.

They probably went to the park. Dinner time, nothing … Finally the phone rings, her voice asking “where are you?”

We’re not going home tonight.”

Nadia feels like the world is collapsing on her and hears a little voice shouting “you are a liar, you said you would take me home to my mummy”.

“At that moment Nadia realized that she couldn’t do it alone and that she had to ask for help.”

Thanks to the Anti-Violence Center for Women, to the lawyers, to the employers, to the police, Nadia managed to resume a normal life and to raise her son in a finally peaceful environment.

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