Saving at home – Tzatziki


Hi everyone!

Tzatziki is a little cooking secret that Greeks, Armenians and Bulgarians which they use very often in their kitchen.

It can be an appetizer, and we present it to you under this guise, but it can also be a sauce on its own or a side dish.

It is perfect served with souvlaki (typical Greek dish), and is quick and easy to prepare.

No special ingredients are required but only cucumbers, garlic and Greek yogurt!

Depending on the regions in which it is prepared, there are additions of different aromatic herbs or even onions.

It is different from labneh because the liquid is not removed from this sauce.

Labneh is more like cheese, while tzatziki is more like a sauce. Moreover, Labneh (you can find the recipe earlier in my blog) is made only from yogurt

Let’s start:


Ingredients for 4 people: 2 cucumbers – 500 gr Greek yogurt – 4 cloves of garlic – 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil – salt


Wash and cut the cucumbers, then rub a removed tip of the cucumber on the end of the cucumber in a circular motion, this will eliminate the bitter taste of the vegetable.

Peel the cucumbers and grate them letting them fall on a clean cloth; close the cloth over the cucumber and squeeze the cucumber pulp so as to make it lose as much vegetation water as possible.

Combine the Greek yogurt and the squeezed cucumber pulp in a sufficiently large bowl; stir to mix the ingredients.

Crush the garlic cloves with the appropriate tool, making them fall directly into the bowl.

Add the extra virgin olive oil and salt, stir until the oil is completely absorbed by the mixture.

Serve tzatziki as a side dish to meat such as souvlaki, typical Greek skewers.

Enjoy your meal!

original recipe:


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