DIY Gifts (53) – DIY Ribbon Christmas Tree

During the Christmas season, a tree is always present and the centerpiece of decoration making it a perfect reason to seek something different and out of the box to decorate; if low cost materials and simple steps can match to achieve this, then you have it all.

This year, you can find inspiration in your ribbon and fabric stash for a nice way to finally make use of them to craft a Christmas tree. An ideal project for the ribbons lovers.

Use a polystyrene cone to cover with ribbon, lace or fabric cuttings, embellish with buttons and rivets studs or add any other small embellishment to match your Christmas decoration colors. Place the tree in a porcelain bucket for an elegant outcome or alternatively in a colored pot or even a tin that easily can be found in your home.

A quite low cost project with a nice festive result that can be placed to any corner of the house and altered according to your style.

Let’s start…

Regalo N. 53



Polystyrene Cone – different kinds of ribbons – scissors – hot glue gun – wine corks – metallic star

Cut the jute fabric in 2cm width stripes. Cut the ribbon and jute stripes in lengths of 8 to 12cm.

Fold the cuttings in half in a curvy way, forming “ribbon drops” and glue on the edges.

Start gluing the ribbon drops on the polystyrene cone starting from the bottom and using the longer ribbons first. Mix the designs, adding lace and ric rac trimmings as you go, and continue covering the cone to the top.

When the cone is covered, set the metallic star, the round stud rivets and the buttons decorating the ribbons.

Use the ric rac trimming to cover the peak of the cone and glue a wooden star.

Glue wine corks to the bottom of the cone (adjust the height by cutting one of them) and add hot glue in the porcelain bucket to set the tree in. You can use a small tin or pot covered with paint or fabric to replace the bucket.

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