Regali DIY (55) – Mix for chocolate salami without milk and eggs

Are you looking for an alternative to the classic Christmas gifts?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Today we will prepare this mix to be packaged in a jar.

Let’s start!

Gift No. 55



200 g digestive biscuits, 50 g sugar, 200 g dark chocolate, 50 g coconut flour, 50 g milk or water, glass jar with lid, ribbons for decoration. ingredients to be added by who receives the gift: 50 g of milk or water.

Make a first layer with the coconut flour.

Crumble the biscuits with your hands or crush them without reducing them to dust, they just have to be broken.

These will create the second layer of the jar preparation.

Make the third layer with the sugar.

The first three layers are composed of the dry ingredients.

Cut a circle of baking paper and place it on the last layer. On this we are going to put the dark chocolate cut into pieces. It is important that this is separated from the rest of the preparation because it will have to be dissolved and then added to the rest of the dry ingredients.

Now you can close the jar and decorate it as you like!

Don’t forget to write the ingredient to add (in this case milk or water) and the recipe.

Recipe to write on the label:

Remove the dark chocolate and melt it in a double boiler or in the microwave.

Put all the other ingredients in the jar in a large bowl.

Add the melted chocolate and milk (or water).

Mix everything until you have a homogeneous mixture.

Transfer the mixture onto a sheet of aluminum foil. With your hands make a sausage. Compact well and close the ends.

Leave to rest in the refrigerator for at least 4-5 hours.

p.s. if you want you can replace the coconut flour with hazelnuts or pistachios.


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