DIY Gifts (57) – Fur Pom Pom

Pom poms are so fun and colorful!

So soft. So fluffy. With this tutorial you will see that they are really easy to make.

So, let’s see how to make a fur pom pom from faux fur fabric!

Basically, all you have to do is sew a simple running stitch around a circle of fabric, scrunch it up and stuff it. This is such an easy hand sewing project that even a person who has never touched needle and thread can do it!

Gift No. 57



Faux fur fabric – A 5 ″ (13 cm) square is enough for one pompom. You can use any color you want! – A bowl or other round object. I used a bowl with a 5 ″ (13 cm) diameter – A pen Fabric scissors. I suggest using smaller fabric shears to better cut the fur fabric. Hand sewing needle – Polyester thread – matching the fabric. (I’m using a different color so it will show up better in the tutorial.) Don’t use cotton thread, which could easily snap – A small amount of stuffing
Let’s start by creating our boxes (below you will find the template to print). Just open it and print it in the size you prefer.

“Pet” the fabric to find the direction of the fur.

Turn the fabric to the wrong side and draw an arrow indicating the fur direction.

Trace the bowl (or round object) on the wrong side of the fur fabric.

Notice the direction of the fur before you start cutting.

Slip the blade of the scissors under the knit fabric, without catching any long fur fibers, and make a small cut.

Continue making small cuts all the way around the circle. You’ll notice the long fur sticking out over the cut edge at the bottom of the circle (pointed to by the arrow). It doesn’t stick out over the other edges.

Thread the needle with a long piece of polyester thread. Bring the two ends together and tie a knot. This way you’ll have an extra-resistant double thread.

Insert the needle at the edge of the circle (from the wrong side). Weave it back and forth from the front to the back as seen here. Try not to catch the long fur fibers, just the knit base.

Pull the needle through, leaving a bit of the knotted tail of thread hanging out. This is called the running stitch, or basting stitch, and is one of the most simple hand stitches.

Continue sewing this stitch all the way around the edge of the circle, until you get back to where you started.

Gently pull the threads to gather the fabric.

Put the circle on a working surface and arrange it so that it forms a sort of little bowl, with the fur on the outside. Pull one thread end at a time to continue gathering the fabric.

Put a small amount of stuffing inside the “bowl”. It doesn’t have to be packed in tight.

Continue pulling the threads to close the opening as much as possible. Don’t pull too hard, or the threads could snap!

Tie a knot, which will close the opening even more. Then tie another knot to hold it in place.

Use the needle still attached to one thread end to sew back and forth a couple of times across the opening. Make sure you catch the fabric and not just the fur. I suggest two stitches horizontally and then two stitch vertically, which will pull the hole completely closed.

Tie a double knot.

You can use the needle, which is still attached to the thread, to sew the pompom onto a hat or any other project. Or, if you just want a plain faux fur pompom, just cut off the thread ends.

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