DIY Gifts (63) – Mini easy and cute notebooks

These adorable mini notebooks are so easy to make that once you start you cannot stop.

You can decorate them with Christmas themes and give it together with the gifts. You can also use them to write messages, on Valentine’s day, for example.

They are so simple to make with some basic origami folds and and a dash of glue.

Let’s start

Gift No. 63



A4 Paper in various colours – Scissors – glue stick

Take a sheet of A4 paper and lay it out length ways.

Fold it from the bottom edge to the top and make a crease.

Open it back up and fold the bottom edge to the crease in the middle and crease it again.

Do the same folding the top edge to the center.

Open the sheet up and see you have three guidelines.

Cut along these lines so you end up with four lengths of paper.

Fold each length in half from the left edge to the right edge and repeat this two more times.

Open the strip of paper up and use the crease lines to fold the paper in a zig zag.

Repeat this for the other three strips.

Attach each strip to the end of the other by overlapping the final fold and gluing down.

When you have attached them all you’ll have one long zig zag strip.

Make the notebook cover

To make the cover take another sheet of A4 paper and lay it down landscape.

Fold the bottom edge to meet the top edge and make a crease.

Open it back out and turn the paper portrait. Fold the bottom edge to the top edge and crease.

When you open it up you’ll see you have four rectangles, cut out one of these.

With the cut out corner, fold it in half length ways then open it back up.

Now you have a centre guide line. Fold the bottom edge towards the centre but about 5mm short of the centre line, make a crease.

Repeat with the top half of the sheet.

Twist the paper 90 degrees and fold the bottom edge to the top, again leaving a 5mm gap at the top.

Flip it over and do the same the other side. This gives your cover a neat spine for the pages to sit in.

Position the pages. One side at a time fold in the cover so it tucks neatly behind the pages but still with a little overlap.

This creates a little pocket either side of the books cover for you to slip the first and last pages into to fasten the pages and cover together.

Your mini notebook is ready!

Now you can decorate it as you wish.

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