DIY Gifts (65) – Easy reversible table runner

Have you decided how to decorate your Christmas table?

If you have some nice fabric, you will be able to do this reversible table runner in no time!

Let’s start

Gift No. 65



Two different types of fabric of the same size (cut according to the measure of your table and you can decide if to make it of a length that will hang from the sides or not) – thread – sewing needle

Start by measuring your table so you can figure out how large you want to make the table runner.

Once you have the length you want add 2 inches (for seam allowance on both sides). For the width you want to make it less than 1/2 the width on your table.

Once you have that measurement add 1 inch on each side for seam allowance.

For example: for a finished measurement was 92 inches (234 cm) X 22 inches (56 cm). So you would want to cut your fabric 94 inches (237 cm) X 24 inches (59 cm).

Now that you have your fabric picked out you want to cut it to your dimensions! Fold the fabric over long ways and cut the pieces together. Easiest way to get a straight line was first to figure out how many inches you need to cut off.

Now place your fabric with RIGHT sides together, if you didn’t initially cut it that way. Then, clip them together every 5-6 inches along all 4 sides.

Time to Sew

Once you have it clipped together it’s time to start sewing. My only advice is start near the middle of one of the sides. Sew around the perimeter leaving about a 4 inch gap in the fabric.

Next, trim the seam allowance at the corners (this will reduce bulk). Be careful not to clip your threads!!

Now, turn the fabric right side out using the gap you just left in the fabric. Reach your hand though and start pulling the fabric through the hole. Continue until you have turned the entire runner right side out!

Time to close the gap you left in your fabric and press your seams as well.

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