DIY Gifts (66) – Easy to sew snowflake coasters

For sure these snowflake coasters your table more lively.

They can also be a great idea for a gift: you can make them in different colors and tie together with a ribbon.

Let’s start

Gift No. 66



White felt Fusible web such as Heat N Bond (or simply felt that you will glue)- Ultrahold Pen & iron – Festive fabrics and/or festive colored felt – Template (below)

Trace your snowflake template onto your sheet of fusible web.

Cut roughly around the template and following the manufacturer’s instructions, fuse the Heat n Bond to the white felt. If you prefer, you can use simple white felt and stick it with glue.

Cut out your hexagon template on the outer line for fabric or the inner line for felt.  

The outer line includes a seam allowance of 1/4 inch.

Cut 2 in fabric or 1 in felt.

For fabric 

Place your two fabric pieces right sides together and sew around 5 sides with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Trim off the corners.  Turn right sides out, press and press the raw edges of the opening to the inside. Top stitch around the outside with a 1/8th approx seam, closing the gap as you sew.

Remove the backing paper from your snowflakes and fuse them onto the fabric.  Done. (If you decide to use simple felt, you will skip this step and simply glue them on your coaster.

For felt 

simply remove the backing paper from the snowflakes and fuse them onto the felt.  Done, easy as that.

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