DIY Gifts (67) – Little yarn brush trees

These yarn Christmas trees look just like natural as they are all different sizes and shapes…oh and colors.

Each one is made with a single color of yarn but I bet it would be fun to try it with different colors of scrap yarn.

Let’s start

Gift No. 67



Yarn – Scissors – Wood Disc- 3 in one tool (pliers) – 16 gauge wire – Small screw – Screw driver

First of all cut your template this one is 9 inches tall and about, 2 and 1/2 inches wide at the base.

Pick the  yarn you want to use (big thick yarn makes fat fluffy tress, thin small yarn makes smaller trees.) and start wrapping at the top of your template working your way down.

Wrap the template all the way down then wrap it back up to the top. Be sure to hold your hand at the top so the yarn does not slide off.

Cut a piece of  wire double the length of the tree, leaving about 3 inches of extra wire on the bottom. Fold the wire in half.

Place the wire over your yarn press down the wire with your fingers to make the wire a little tighter on the yarn.

Hold the yarn and the wire with your fingers  and slowly pull out the paper template.

Twist the wire a couple of times at the base to hold the yarn into place.

Now, let’s work on the base

Take the disc and your screw and screw a hole into the middle of the disc. You will have to judge what size  screw you need with the size of the wire you use and how big it is when it is twisted together. I hope that makes sense.

Twist the trunk of your tree with the pliers.

Screw the trunk into the hole of the disc.

And that is it. You can makeI made a bunch and give them away at work or to friends as a Merry Christmas gift.

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