DIY Gift (69) – Christmas balls made with twine

Today we will see how to prepare balls for your Christmas tree made with twine (you can also use other types of threads, such as wool or cotton).

It takes very little time and you can do them with your children!

Let’s start

Gift No. 69



twine (or other colored thread, acrylic ones are not recommended because they do not absorb the glue very well) – vinyl glue – little water – brush – small balloons (the ideal ones are those for water bombs)

Inflate your balloon.

Wrap it with the rope and when you are done fasten the end under one of the threads that are well adherent.

Mix (with the brush) the vinyl glue with a little water (there must be more glue than water).

Now brush with the glue all the yarn on the ball, being careful not to leave parts uncovered.

Your Christmas ball is ready! Now just let it dry for at least one night.

Just attach a bow or other decoration of your choice!


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