DIY Gift(70) – decoupage vase

Do you have old vases and / or glass containers (such as bottles, for example), and you want to give them a more lively look to be able to put your flowers in? Then this super easy tutorial is for you.

Let’s start!

GIFT No. 70



jar or glass container – colored paper or cloth (I recommend it to be light so you can apply it more easily) – glue – brush – finishing (optional)

Just cut the colored paper or fabric in a measure enough to decorate your vase. Especially at the beginning it is better to use rather light paper or cloth: this will make your work much easier.

Start applying glue to the base of your vase / container and work your way up to the edge.

Here you can leave room for your imagination and decide if you want the paper or fabric to adhere perfectly to your vase or if you want to create folds and wrinkles.

Finish by giving a brush of glue over the entire applied surface. Let it rest for at least one night.

If you want a more shiny effect, just apply a final finishing layer (which you find in art stores).

Your “new vase” is ready!


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