DIY Gifts(71) – Himlayan salt lamp

Let’s continue with our DIY Christmas gifts … A beautiful and striking object to give as a gift. But not only… It is recommended to have a salt lamp at home because in addition to being an excellent air purifier, it also neutralizes the negative effects of electromagnetic waves caused by our appliances and computers.

Let’s start!!!

Gift No. 71



1 block of salt (you can also find it at decathlon or sports stores and it costs very little) – drill (if you don’t have it you can use a small chisel and hammer) – 1 candle (tealight) or if you prefer there are bulbs (led, I recommend) that do not heat up that you can insert inside the hole.

Open your salt block and place it on a work surface.

The salt block usually already has a hole, but you will need a drill (with a milling tip) to adapt it to the candle you are going to insert.

If you don’t have a drill, you can enlarge the hole with the use of a small chisel and hammer.

You will have to have a bit of patience in this procedure, but I guarantee that the final effect deserves! Insert the candle, or the LED bulbs (you can also find them on amazon already equipped with a switch).

Be careful to use LED bulbs that do not heat in order not to ruin your salt block.

Turn on the candle or light bulbs.


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