DIY Gifts(72) – candle holder

Today we will see how to create a beautiful candle holder, made with recycled materials.

It is an easy project but also an effective one that you can also do with children.

I chose snowflakes as a decoration (find the template below), but you can use any Christmas template (on the internet you can find many!)

For this candle holder in particular, I wanted to leave a somewhat rustic effect, so I left the cementite base, but if you want a more refined look, just give a second layer of acrylic color of the color that you prefer!

Let’s start!!!

Gift No. 72



glass jar – snowflake template – glue stick – cementite (if you make it at home you will just need to mix some white acrylic color with baking soda) – twine – hot glue – acrylic color – colored ribbon – candle light – bicarbonate

As already mentioned, it takes very little to make this candle holder!

Prepare the cementite by mixing 2 tablespoons of white acrylic color with a tablespoon of baking soda.

Mix very well. Print the template with the snowflakes to the size of your jar (just reduce the print size if your vase is quite small).

Cut the snowflakes and stick them (with very little glue stick, since once finished, you will have to remove them) and apply a layer of cementite.

As soon as you see that the cementite begins to dry, you can give it a layer of acrylic color of your choice or leave it white giving it a more rustic look.

When the acrylic color layer is also dry, I advise you to remove the shapes of the snowflakes (which will not yet be completely glued, therefore easier to remove).

Apply the string on the edge of the vase with hot glue and finish by attaching a colored bow.

Turn on the candle or, if you prefer, the LED bulbs.


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