DIY Gifts(76) – Fabric Christmas Trees

Learn how to make these easy and fun fabric Christmas trees for a sweet country farmhouse look anywhere in your home this season.

They are so easy to make and so cheerful!

Let’s start!!!

Gift No. 76



5 different coordinating fabrics – 5 dowel rods in varying sizes – burlap or similar fabric – fiberfill – ground walnut shells, sand or salt – twine – tree template (below)

Print the tree template in the measure that you prefer and cut the borders.

Trace around the tree onto two pieces of fabric with wrong sides together using a tracing pen or light pencil.

Sew on the traced lines leaving two inches (5 cm) at the bottom open. Then cut out the tree about 1/4 inch (1 cm) from the stitches. You could also cut out the tree and then sew a 1/4 inch seam (1 cm) from the edge leaving space open at the bottom center.

Stuff the tree with fiberfill or other stuffing material.

Decide how tall you want your tree and cut the dowel rod to fit. Paint or stain one end that will show. The other end will be inside the tree.

Push the rod into the center of the tree and hot glue the opening around the dowel.

Use a 6 inch (10 cm) round of burlap to create a sack. Sew basting (loose) stitches all around about 1/2 inch (1,50 cm) from the edge.

Pull on the threads to gather the burlap and tie together. Fill the sack with ground walnut shells, sand or other similar material.

Place the tree into the sack and hot glue the top of the burlap to the dowel rod. The ground walnut shells or sand will anchor and hold the dowel rod in place. For an added touch you can then tie a piece of twine around the top.

Display your trees on a table, mantel, or anywhere that you want to add a bit of whimsy and cuteness.

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