Today’s horoscope – December 17th, 2020

Starting from today, a new article on the blog laborsettadelledonne !!!

How to start the day in the right way? With the daily horoscope !!! A way to relax and think about something else given the difficult time we are all going through.

I hope that you will like it.

Buona giornata a tutti!


Finally Saturn gets out of the way

Shift the glasses and also the hearts, Saturn, which for almost three years has kept you in check with a harsh squaring, today finally raises the curtains, going to reach the Moon in the friendly sign of Aquarius, therefore selection in friendships in ideals. Even the expenses, sighs Uranus in the second house, will have to be contained, but if by now you have already bought gifts and even some Christmas goodies, it doesn’t matter… tomorrow is another day! And although you may not agree with the political fabric of the novel, you have always liked the final sentence of the protagonist, because it speaks of hope and fits well with your optimistic view of the future. Financial front subject to significant reversals, so the last follies of 2020 ended, promise yourself moderate parties and an even more prudent start to the year.

FOR HER: an unsettled debt seriously angers your friend who turns her back on you, refusing to even answer your phone calls. Let it boil, it will pass. And in the meantime, find a trick to pay off promptly.

FOR HIM: your friends are not only human, even on all fours or even limbless. In their place cover and pages: yes, they are the books, which always know how to comfort and distract you. So, open another one and dive into reading, as if by magic your troubles will disappear.



DAILY REPORT. Feelings: 9, activities: 10, finances: 7, well-being: 10.


Black day, blacker than coffee

The coffee that comes out of the coffee pot will be the first sign of a bad day. Black too, like the liquid that has scattered on the kitchen counter or maybe even splashed on the shirt. To outline this “tragic” scenario, the passage of the Moon in Aquarius, where soon it will be reached by the dark Saturn, ready to throw a frozen snowstorm on you. It will be the accounts of your expenses or the outcome of bad choices, taken as your tenant likes it Uranus in your sign, also affected by this fatal double square. Lightning against stone, therefore, immediacy against infinite waiting and now, in the face of a substantial project, you no longer know what to do, whether to opt for a yes or a no, jump right in or wait. A false step is enough to tumble and if it is true that, as Chinese philosophy teaches, sometimes not acting is better than acting, the opposite must also be said, courageous and timely action is sometimes the only way to escape from unfortunate situations … And with this Hamletic doubt you will go to bed trying to sleep (and instead you will probably spend another sleepless night …).

FOR HER: rebels against habits and impositions from above. Just you, once quiet and sedentary, native of Taurus. But with the passage of Uranus you have changed your style, hairstyle and even your head.

FOR HIM: heavy discussion with dad and this time you will not behave like a kid who screams, threatens and then sits good at the table to taste mommy ravioli. Immediately renting a studio apartment, the path to independence begins here.


MOOD BAROMETER: thunderstorm.

DAILY REPORT. Feelings: 6, activities: 4, finances: 9, well-being: 5.


Saturn the professor arrives: immediately on the track with study and philosophy

A great day for you, Air sign and suddenly you will find yourself benefited from the double trine of the Moon and Saturn, from today both in Aquarius. The two, oriented towards culture and reflection, will not lose sight of the feelings, which with the complicity of Venus in sextile become stronger and deeper. And as always happens in fairy tales with a happy ending, common ideals and shared experiences cement the couple making them stainless. Desire to deepen the cultural level or even to resume studies, in view of a more gritty and proactive professionalism: the recovery requires qualified minds and you will be among them. Even more beautiful in the mirror, in view of the upcoming holidays buy yourself something colored, red, orange, gold, the colors that bring good luck.

FOR HER: your charm is all in the smile, you are so cheerful, optimistic, casual, that you would make anyone fall in love, even the stones.

FOR HIM: identify the woman of your dreams and this time you will not let her escape by behaving like Peter Pan: it’s time to put your head in place and the ring on your finger



DAILY REPORT. Feelings: 10, activities: 10, finances: 9, well-being: 9.


Raise your hearts, Saturn goes away

what good news on the star tabloid for you, finally the gloomy Saturn, which has kept you in check for almost three years, leaves Capricorn, where Jupiter will follow it the day after tomorrow (news that you will like it a little less). In short, you get rid of a spoilsport but also a good protective genius, at least as regards the relationship life, the couple, business. Discreetly the work, under pressure with the latest delivery date already tomorrow, and on the seriousness of your company and the complicity of colleagues you could already thank Santa Claus in advance, but also Saturn: a good old man, after all, because, albeit with exasperating slowness , brings the seeds to maturity and preserves things and bonds over the years.

FOR HER: truce with the partner, at least on the sentimental front, but the cold bed was and cold remains. It is urgent to find a clever expedient, perhaps read him The Thousand and One Nights in Déshabillé.

FOR HIM: difficult, indeed impossible, to negotiate an important business during the holidays. Resign yourself to postponing after the Epiphany (hoping that in the meantime the economy will not suffer any upsets).



DAILY REPORT. Feelings: 7, activities: 7, finances: 6, well-being: 6.


Saved by the ray of Venus

What a bad day for you, with Saturn reaching the Moon in Aquarius today, your zodiacal neighbor, already quite rude towards you. Put also the square of Uranus and you will have the complete picture of the situation, all dark tones, from purple to brown, to black … except for a few brushstrokes of electric blue, to show you the force of impact of this strange day. Imagine a lightning bolt thrown against a rocky wall … maybe it will be she who absorbs it, or he who shatters it, while you, as external spectators, cover your eyes with your hands so as not to be dazzled! Grane at work and in negotiations, the interlocutor thinks about it by sending everything upside down at the last minute, even with the partner the situation would seem gloomy, except that with a stroke of the hand the beautiful Venus, in trine to your sign, supported by Jupiter and Mercury, also in Sagittarius, gives you a substantial hand in straightening the understanding. Mission impossible but completed for now … then we’ll see.

FOR HER: he has never been so mischievous, strong suspicion that he has someone else in mind (unless it is his dear mother, sweet as honey, bitter as gall!) Who stirred him against you.

FOR HIM: your expression does not convince you, sure that something is wrong, but what? Investigate discreetly, your children will help you understand ..

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: smoke gray.


DAILY REPORT. Feelings: 5, activities: 4, finances: 6, well-being: 6.


No illusions, at work to the last MINUTE.

The news written in today’s sky you will see it immediately by entering the company or smartworking from home. Nothing worrying that could make you apprehensive, but if you had planned quiet parties at your home or, if you could, if you have a second one in the region, finally out of the polluted city, you will discover that for you the work will not end tomorrow, the next week and maybe even during the holidays or right after. This is decided by Saturn, the ancient god of time and trials, who, by entering Aquarius in the company of the Moon, tests your patience and above all your professionalism. Someone hypothesizes a transfer or a change of location, a desirable eventuality if it brings you closer to your family (and with Uranus there is some concrete possibility for you). But wait and say victory, there is currently only one word on your screen: toiling.

FOR HER: worry about the four-legged dog that seems dejected, but you just need to enter the living room to understand everything: with the Christmas tree he made a disaster and now, fearing your reaction, he looks at you with his ears down, hoping that at least not swallowed silver threads or the like!

FOR HIM: in presence or at a distance with colleagues you continue to have an excellent relationship, always available to lend a hand or to listen to their outbursts and their protests. In short, a formidable team that will always know how to assert itself.



DAILY REPORT. Feelings: 6, activities: 8, finances: 7, well-being: 6.


Finally, freedom!

Welcome the freedom, the one that Saturn gives you, breaking free from the square with which it has afflicted you for three years, is already a precious good. In addition, it does not just take away the discomfort of its weight to carry on your shoulders, it even reaches the Aquarian Moon in trine to your sign and in sextile to your guiding star Venus, who smiles at you captivatingly. To the point that even your neighbor Mars, busy flirting with his beauty, today lays down his arms. In short, a great day and if the time machine took you back to ancient Rome, you would go to celebrate Saturn, feasting with family and friends, exchanging small gifts with them, such as candles, coins, semi-precious stones … without fear of infections and pandemics. Are you sure? A famous plague struck Rome as early as the 2nd century AD. and then rejoice to be here, albeit in this infamous 2020 … time 15 days and the calendar will change the date (and hopefully direction too!).

FOR HER: house in disorder, worse than a battlefield, even your he looks at you amazed, as if you were crazy to make all that fuss. Ask your children for the reason, unleashed devils: if Santa Claus really existed, he would bring them nothing but coal.

FOR HIM: at loggerheads with your girlfriend, but there is still one attempt: a beautiful letter written in your hand and with your heart, accompanied by a red rose. The language of flowers always has an effect.



DAILY REPORT. Feelings: 8, activities: 7, finances: 7, well-being: 8.


Keep going!

Don’t give up! If you are too sensitive, for this reason targeted by the opposition of Uranus and the double square of the Moon and Saturn, from today in Aquarius, you will feel the earth is missing under your feet or rather in free fall above your head. Even the house seems like a battlefield, you certainly don’t have the “thumb” of Cinderella or the gift of being the perfect housewife, if you then quarreled with the maid, who quits on the spot, you’ll understand why the family atmosphere is not exactly idyllic. It would seem that a bolt of lightning has uncovered the roof of the house and now instead of trying to repair the fallen tiles you hit each other against each other with unspeakable phrases. Calm down, in a week it will be Christmas and you, instead of being good, are you behaving like this?

FOR HER: if your him, with the excuse of buying cigarettes, leaves the house and doesn’t show up for three days, don’t blame him. Look in the mirror, unkempt and with curlers on your head (so as not to rage with what comes out of your mouth …). A restyling of body and heart is urgently needed: it will be back!

FOR HIM: we missed that the mother-in-law would arrive to break the eggs in the basket today, demanding to have you at her house for the eve’s dinner … Massimo six diners and unfortunately, counting on your fingers, you will be just the right number …



DAILY REPORT. Feelings: 4, activities: 7, finances: 10, well-being: 4.


Less expansive but very affectionate

With Venus in the air, affectivity reaches very high levels. Unlike usual, however, from today, with Saturn reaching the Moon in Aquarius, in sextile to your sign, your spontaneity and your communication undergo a slowdown. Of course, the feelings are beautiful and the passion intense, but compared to your chat that sometimes you have to keep under control by pressing the “off” button, your speeches sound more concise and to know everything you will have to dig in, while you would have screamed at the four winds with the megaphone, any emotion or event touched you, even if only in passing. Meanwhile, the desire to study, know, understand the complex aspects of the soul and the secrets of the universe is growing. And if the school grades have not been exciting lately, during the holidays you promise to get back on track, to come back in January to the appointment with the school perfectly on par. The look is cheerful and colorful, with the choice of a younger look and makeup that will make you shine in the gray of the city.

FOR HER: the desire for art and beauty that takes you every year during the holidays, this year cannot be satisfied in person. But online you have the whole world available… and then the ordinances will not stop you: the Guggenheim, the Louvre, the Metropolitan, the Prado. What are you waiting for to connect?

FOR HIM: your old cart is starting to give you problems, but with the financial crisis at the door it is not the time to think about a new and expensive model (because you have fine tastes when it comes to engines!).

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: emerald green.


DAILY REPORT. Feelings: 10, activities: 8, finances: 7, well-being: 8.


Byebye to departing Saturn

Maybe you will be a little sorry, because Saturn is your governor, who today raises the curtains to slide into Aquarius, a sign where your coffers reside, which will inevitably undergo a crackdown. Halt, therefore, even on the gifts to your puppets, bombarded by advertising, already very small become consumerists, yours are asking for stratospheric gifts, but this year they will have to downsize. Santa Claus, whose ancestor in ancient Rome was your guiding star Saturn, will have a tight sleeve this year. On the other hand, you will never make them lack your affection, even if rough, and your time. You will play, you will study, you will go out together and if this year you cannot teach them to ski, never mind, no one will get rid of a nice snowshoe hike in the woods, they will have fun anyway and you will have even more fun.

FOR HER: permissive with your children as long as it comes to games, studies, going out, but at the table you become draconian, you can’t stand them leaving food on their plate or having a tantrum. In a world that is hungry, any waste is a crime.

FOR HIM: how to let your kids know and above all digest your new flame? For now, with the excuse of the pandemic, it remains a secret story, but sooner or later it will also be necessary to move on to presentations … There is a real risk of being alone!

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: electric blue.


DAILY REPORT. Feelings: 7, activities: 7, finances: 6, well-being: 6.


In the time of Satun

Great day for you, undoubtedly destabilizing, as your guiding star Uranus in quadrature signals, but also very strong, decisive for your future. If you planned a toast, it is not said that it is the case, at least not today. On the other hand, the date, December 17, the beginning of the Roman saturnalia, is not by chance, a week of celebrations dedicated to the ancient god of time and sowing, limiting, no doubt, so much so that his statue had his knees bandaged with bands woolen. It required tests and delayed action over time. Even aging, however, promises a slow but sure ripening of the seeds planted in the earth. Reflect on this historical fact, because today Saturn enters together with the Moon in your sign, promising you responsibility, inner maturation and a sure success but to come. Support from Venus, sparkling in sextile, friends will always be close to you and maybe one of them will also make you the advance you have been waiting for …

FOR HER: tired of home imprisonment, family quarrels, misunderstandings. Your decision will mature slowly but inexorably. It’s time to go live alone.

FOR HIM: the pandemic marked the end of your goliardic and reckless life, model Don Giovanni in a robotic version. The time has come to settle down, but this does not mean an antiquated lifestyle, but a universal feeling of love that you feel for others, whether they are known or unknown faces.


MOOD BAROMETER: variable with bright spells.

DAILY REPORT. Feelings: 10, activities: 7, finances: 6, well-being: 8.


Not a very good day and with very good reasons

Today you are not in the day, you could also wear colorful clothes and make up as you are not used to, but when the mood is black and the smile forced, the others notice it and turn away from you. Ask the stars for the motivation, not so much from Venus, nice even if in quadrature, and not even to the friend Uranus, who tries to shake you with a series of calls and messages. The inputs are not lacking, you are the ones to point your feet, stubborn as mules, not to give in an inch: no exits, no chatter, no sharing, and not only because the spread of the virus worries you, rather because with the passage of Saturn in twelfth house, where it meets the sulky Moon, you don’t want to see people or take any initiative. Fix on someone or something that you currently can’t have, sulk like kindergarten kids: get upset, these days there is no need to play the victim for nonsense, rather look around and thank the universe because you are fine, you have a work and someone close to you who loves you.

FOR HER: strong and unpleasant feeling of having your hands tied about something or someone, but when obtaining becomes impossible, you just have to resign yourself and wait your turn. The sky moves and consequently everything that rotates below moves.

FOR HIM: the feeling of heaviness in the stomach or soul is dissolved in the face of good news. From the network comes the message you were waiting for, an invitation, an answer to a question or the confirmation that you have passed a competition. Ready to take the second test?

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: marron glacé.


DAILY REPORT. Feelings: 7, activities: 5, finances: 7, well-being: 5.

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