DIY (79) – Homemade soaps (quick method)

Have you always thought that making soap at home is a long and difficult procedure?

I can assure you that it is very easy.

With just a few ingredients and materials you can create beautiful ones!

Let’s start…

DIY N. 79



solid glycerin for soaps (you can also find 1 kg blocks on Amazon, dyes), molds (preferably in silicone), essences

First, cut your glycerin block into pieces.

Let it melt over rather low heat.

Once the mixture has melted, add the dye and essences.

In this case I chose a pastel color.

The more dye you add, the stronger the color of your bars will be.

Pour the mixture into the molds rather quickly to prevent it from solidifying.

If you don’t have any Christmas molds, you can also use the ones used for muffins. However, I recommend those made in silicone, so that you can easily extract the soap once ready.

Let it cool and then put the molds in the fridge for about 10 minutes.

Putting the molds in the refrigerator will allow you to extract the soap more easily. If you want, on the base of the mold you can put some broken flowers before pouring the mixture (see photo hearts).

Put the soaps in glass containers or bags and decorate with colored ribbons.

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