DIY (80) – Centerpiece

Today we will see how to create this beautiful centerpiece, made with very few materials and which you can no longer do without…

Depending on the balloon size, you can choose whether to create a centerpiece or, if smaller in size, a basket to insert into the Christmas bags to create a more precious look, or even as a vase in which you can place your keys when you enter your home.

Let’s start!!!

DIY N. 80



Glue Vinavil type (for paper), glitter powder (there are different colors), 1 balloon.

First inflate a balloon. In this case, to create a centerpiece, you will need to do it as large as possible.

To make your job easier, I suggest you stick the balloon with duct tape to a container.

Now mix the vinyl glue with the glitter (the more you put of the latter, the more intense will be the color once dry).

Apply the dough to the top of the balloon.

Let it rest for at least one night.

Once the paste of glue and glitter is dry, pierce the balloon.

Your centerpiece is ready!


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