Today’s horoscope – December 19th, 2020

Here we are again today with our daily horoscope appointment!

How to start the day well? With the horoscope!!!

A way to relax and think about cheerful things given the particular moment that we are all living.

Have a nice day!


For Aries the day is expected to be undertone, especially in love. Try to be less polemical than usual, because otherwise your partner may lose patience and you will end up arguing. With a little sweetness and diplomacy, moreover, you get excellent results.  There may be some dissatisfaction at work too, but things will get better soon.


For those born under the Taurus sign today will be marked by some tension in love. Try not to complicate matters any further if you do not want to discuss things unnecessarily with your partner. There is no shortage of work worries, it is up to you to try to solve the problems as soon as possible. Luckily there is the favorable influence of Jupiter and Saturn, so if you have to recover some money do it now.


For Gemini, however, it is expected a Saturday full of energy, optimism and the desire to do. The stars are on your side. You want to get back in the game, both professionally and emotionally, and accept new challenges. The positive influence of Venus brings great news in love, especially for singles.


For those born under the sign of Cancer it will be a day full of stress and tension is expected, so try to take it with cautiousness. Before making important decisions, think carefully. However, count to ten before you open your mouth. If you have to close a deal, postpone a few days. From next week in fact you will have favorable stars. Even in love, do not be impulsive.


Dear Leos, there will be great news and positive ideas at a professional level. Be careful though because being too busy at work could make you lose sight of other important things in life, such as family, love and friendships. Be more present with your partner and do not neglect him.


For the Virgo, today will be a very positive day for your sign: you have a really favorable sky and many opportunities to seize. Take advantage. There are good prospects both economically, with new earnings coming in, professional, for those who want to change business and make a career, and sentimental, especially for singles. What more do you want?


For the Libra, today will be truly optimal thanks to the favorable Moon. Having her on your side is always a great starting point, which will give you immense luck. If good opportunities arise, seize them. Consider well any business at stake, do not be impulsive. Love is good.


Dear Scorpio, for you it promises to be a very positive day from all points of view for your sign, on the other hand the stars are on your side. At work you live a favorable period, characterized by many meetings full of ideas and opportunities. In love you live an excellent phase, especially for those who have a long-standing relationship. Avoid unnecessary controversy.


Dear Sagittarius, for your sign you can expect a day full of opportunities to seize on the fly. In love, after a difficult phase, you are recovering. The light at the bottom of the tunnel is close. You have attitudes sometimes difficult to swallow, try to be less polemical and find serenity. Good news for singles: soon Venus will start a good influence that will favor the meetings.


Dear Capricorns, it seems that for you it is a period characterized by anxiety and nervousness. In short, a low-key day like never before. Try to control yourself if you don’t want to fight with the whole world. Especially with colleagues, even if sometimes it is not easy, try to keep quiet and avoid controversy. In a few days things will get better and you will find serenity.


Dear Aquarius, if there are issues to be resolved, do so as soon as possible. The stars assist you. There is no need to postpone discussions or make a thousand mental issues. If something is wrong, talk and try to clarify. Especially if the discussions concern the partner. Attention also to the wallet: lately you have had excessive expenses.


Dear Pisces, according to the horoscope the day will be really positive for your sign. The stars assist you. In the next few days things will be much better, just be sure of yourself and your possibilities. Especially in love, you will regain confidence in yourself and in the partner that failed. There will be long-awaited answers to your work to start your projects.

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