Today’s horoscope – December 22nd, 2020

Here we are again today with our daily horoscope appointment!

How to start the day well? With the horoscope!!!

A way to relax and think about cheerful things given the particular moment that we are all living.

Have a nice day!


Dear Aries, you are looking forward to a positive day, which heralds a beautiful phase of recovery that will lead you to the solution of many problems. Changes are favored, so if there’s something you no longer like, try to look elsewhere. Good news also from the love front that improves thanks to the positive influence of Venus.


Dear Taurus, during the day you will feel a bit tired. The ideal would be to spend the day away from everything and everyone, without doing anything. But if you can’t, at least try to avoid discussions, especially with those who belong to your own sign, Leo and Aquarius.


Dear Gemini, for you it promises to be a very intriguing day in love: you have the planets on your side, take the opportunity to organize something romantic and passionate. For business there will be good news ahead of the next few days.


Dear Cancer, it will be a positive day for you, even if Saturn remains in opposition and could make your journey at work difficult. There will be good news between the end of this year and the beginning of 2021. Try to let yourself go more in love.


Dear Leo, for you it promises to be an undertone day, nervous and heavy, in which it will be necessary to pay close attention to interpersonal relationships. As for work, there may be some fatigue or discouragement, but try not to give up, because the successes will not be lacking.


Dear Virgo, today (Tuesday, December 22, 2020) will be a good day thanks to the excellent influence of the Moon that favors you. Wel also for love, take the opportunity to organize something intriguing…


Dear Libra, today you must pay close attention to the wallet: try to keep the accounts in order, not excessive in expenses even if there are many temptations. As for love, it is recovering ground: it is the right day for clarification and to rediscover passion.


Dear Scorpio, look forward to a lucky day, especially when it comes to meetings. So the advice is not to lock yourself in the house, to go out, to maintain contact, because there may be developments at work.


Dear Sagittarius, for you the stars provide a positive day, in which interpersonal relationships and contacts are fostered, even with people far away. New friendships and encounters are favored: something more important could also show up.


Dear Capricorn, begin a phase of recovery: the planets are finally no longer opposed to you. You have the Moon in favor that will help you in love and give you a special charm and passion. Take the opportunity to organize an evening for two or, if you are alone, to try to meet new people.


Dear Aquarius, you are looking forward to a somewhat heavy and nervous day, when tiredness will be felt and you will be slightly confused. This will fortunately have no impact on the success you will have at this time.


Dear Pisces, a positive day awaits you, the stars will protect you: listen to your instincts and you will make the right choice. Finally, luck will notice you and you will get several victories especially at work. In love you will have the opportunity to choose.

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