Today’s horoscope – December 24th, 2020

Here we are again today with our daily horoscope appointment!

How to start the day well? With the horoscope!!!

A way to relax and think about cheerful things given the particular moment that we are all living.

Have a nice day!


Dear Aries, for you this Christmas Eve will be rather quiet. Feelings are recovering after a complex period. If there have been arguments and discussions with the partner, try to clarify as soon as possible. In general, the new year will be a turning point for you, even in terms of your career.


Dear Taurus, you are in a bit of trouble economically. You’ve been spending too much money lately, especially in view of these Christmas holidays. In 2021 you can make important investments, such as buying a house. In love it is time to take an important step forward if you have a stable relationship.


Dear Gemini, it will be a day of tension for you. Both in love and at work quarrels will be the order of the day, try to keep calm and count to ten before you open your mouth. You don’t want to spoil your weekend unnecessarily? There will be obstacles, especially for your career. I mean, you’re not gonna get bored.


Dear Cancer, take advantage of these days of celebration to experience strong and sincere emotions. You have so much to give, especially on a sentimental level. If you are single you will find the soul mate, while historical couples can live a Christmas together in the name of recollection and romance.


Dear Leo, today will be a Christmas Eve full of positive atmospheres and a great desire to do. The stars protect your sign, maybe a nice gift will come. You would need a great love, a great passion, especially if you’re single for a long time. Venus is not on your side, so you will experience mixed feelings.


Dear Virgo, today you will live a Christmas Eve and a Christmas in which you must be very careful: stay with the people you feel closest, avoid conflicts. This is because it will be possible to discuss even for trivial reasons. Patience and prudence the keywords.


Dear Libra, today is a day of celebration, so put aside the stress and tensions accumulated especially at work. The professional field is very difficult to manage lately, even there are those who preferred to take a break. Fortunately there are changes in view, maybe a contract that expires in the new year. Future? Don’t think too much about it not to feed anxieties or vain illusions.


Dear Scorpio, most of those under this sign are very tired in this moment. You have come from a difficult and complex period, so patience is needed. In short, it will be a low-key day. Try not to quarrel with those around you. Things improve at Christmas and Santo Stefano.


Dear Sagittarius, for you 48 hours of beautiful energy are expected arriving in love, in relationships with others. If you’re single, this may be a good time to make new acquaintances. Take advantage of these holiday days, as far as possible, to be with friends and family. Have fun!


Dear Capricorn, you finally expect important and benevolent stars for your sign in these days of Christmas. Singles will be able to make new acquaintances, while historical couples can take advantage of them to make important projects and spend the holidays together, in the name of romance and passion. Make up for lost time.


Dear Aquarius, you are looking forward to a very positive day in love, especially for those who have been single for a long time. Stars help those who want to rediscover the pleasure of feeling loved. Venus is favorable for several days, it will be an important weekend for feelings. Friendships return protagonists.


Dear Pisces, for you it will be a day to be lived with serenity: do not think of the past. A certain melancholy may emerge even if this is not necessarily a bad thing. But be careful not to exaggerate. In short, look to the future with optimism and turn the page if your story has reached the end of the line.

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