Today’s horoscope – December 30th, 2020

Here we are again today with our daily horoscope appointment!

How to start the day well? With the horoscope!!!

A way to relax and think about cheerful things given the particular moment that we are all living.

Have a nice day!


Dear Aries, You need to start again, and do new things. Not everything you do now is right. You are veterans of a conflictual astrological situation and need to better manage your emotions and instincts. This is not the time to be too hasty, because you have to be rational and above all do things calmly to avoid conflict. Don’t be too impulsive.


Dear Taurus, you’re in a state of confusion, but now you have to make choices. 2021 will make you face the changes with which you will learn to live and adapt. For the future, it is high time that today we start to assert ourselves and ask for what is due to you.


Dear Gemini, Jupiter and Saturn look great and feed new ideas. You will have great energy today. You won’t even have to wait long, because already in February something new could bring you the reassurances you need.


Dear Cancer, You have a beautiful sky, at this moment you are sweeter and more understanding. After 2 years of opposition from Saturn and Jupiter, you have experienced such hardships that you can appreciate and love beautiful things in a simpler and more direct way. The Moon that will be in the mark at New Year’s Eve, let it be known that you will start the new year big time!


Dear Leo, Jupiter in opposition indicates that you are against someone. There is one person who hinders your growth, or a working group who criticizes you and does not allow you to express yourself as you should. You cannot be totally yourself, and this makes you very nervous and polemical. Keep cool, however, don’t you think it’s time to react!


Dear Virgo, success and strength will not be lacking in this last part of the year. You have achieved much, and you can achieve much more. Todau you will have great strength and energy. This is the right time to finish what you have to finish, and close the year in style.


Dear Libra, Despite everything you have experienced, you have suffered a lot, but today’s horoscope invites you to turn the page with enthusiasm. This is why you will not only want to put yourself in the game, but also to review choices that you now have the awareness to judge objectively. Do not hold back what is superfluous.


Dear Scorpio, At this moment you are worried about the future. You are tired, with Jupiter in critical aspect it’s normal. You have to keep your expenses under control, you have been nervous lately even for some economic issues. Try not to be too daring in your choices, do things calmly to avoid complications and conflicts that may put you in further turmoil.


Dear Sagittarius, you are much more dynamic, surely this has been a year of deprivation, but the presence of Jupiter in your horoscope infuses hope. Something is about to change positively in your life, you have a great sky even if you feel deprived of that will to love, which will soon be with Venus in the sign.


Dear Capricorn, you deserve so much, this was the strongest sign of the year. You will get much more, because your tenacity and your distance will allow you to be in the forefront. But do not be too rigid in judging others, and especially yourselves.


Dear Aquarius, Transiting Jupiter and Saturn in sign indicate joy and creativity coming into your life. Today there will be so much luck coming, and even more will be in 2021 when you can feel you will have in hand your destiny, and you will be more aware of the present and the future.


Dear Pisces, Do not deprive yourself of love, for it is love that moves your choices and that conditions your life. There are, however, family issues that need to be reviewed. Some issues may require a choice. Try to overcome conflicts while keeping calm.

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