DIY (01) – Fake safe box

Here we are on the first day of 2021 with a new DIY project: a fake safe box that you can do easily with an old book.

Do you have any old books? Then this post is for you.

Creating this safe bosx is much simpler than you might think.

DIY N. 01



book – vinyl glue – cutter – ruler – colored tape – matching felt – white acrylic – hot glue

First mark a border (in this case 2 cm per side, since the book is rather small) on the first page of your book.
With the help of a ruler and a cutter cut on the edges going over it several times, so as to take as many sheets as possible.

No matter how small the book, you won’t be able to cut all the sheets at once, so you’ll have to go and mark the margins several times on the pages.

Once your box is of the depth you want, close the book.

Keep it tightly closed using an elastic band.

Now apply the vinyl glue on the outer sides of your book. Let it dry (overnight).

Remove the elastic and now apply the glue on the inner sides (the edge of the container) and let dry.

Now you have to decide whether to cover your box with felt or simply paint it white or the color of your pages.

To apply the bow you just need to cut two pieces of colored tape

Attach them to your book with hot glue, (one on the front cover and one on the back). It is not mandatory to insert the tape, but I recommend that you do so if you plan to place the book in the library. 

The bow will prevent the objects from rolling over when you pull it out.

In addition to being a jewelry box, you can use it as an original idea to give sweets or chocolates.


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