Today’s horoscope – January 1st 2021… supplement: 2021 horoscope in short, for all signs!

Let’s start the year with a horoscope in short for all the signs of the zodiac

So let’s see what 2021 will reserve for us!

Happy New Year to all!


Dear Aries, good February and April. For the Aries 2020 was not great, but this is a sign that never gives up. It is time for new projects and an overall renewal.


Dear Taurus, possible novelties in love. Beware of money and unnecessary expenses. Mind the facts.


Dear Gemini, important relationships may arrive in February. Progress in all areas of life, including love. You will enjoy Jupiter’s favors.


Dear Cancer, the advice is to expand the circle of knowledge and get back on track in the sentimental field. Saturn is no longer against. Good news by the summer: to start again with renewed confidence.


Dear Leo, new encounters especially in May. Love matterswill be great great starting from April. July interesting. Caution. Don’t hurry.


Dear Virgo, very interesting encounters. Someone will take the big step. Well Pluto and Venus. Continue on the path already taken in the last months of 2020.


Dear Libra, Venus will protect feelings. Important stories around May. 2021 promises stability, confirmations, great energy.


Dear Scorpio, positive year thanks to the Moon, Jupiter and Sun. In February some trouble in keeping calm. Possible changes at work.


Dear Sagittarius, you will have the opportunity to meet new and interesting people. June a bit chaotic. In July confirmations at work. New possibilities on a sentimental level.


Dear Capricorn, some couples will burst in September. Important stories in August. There will be affirmations and consensus.


Dear Aquarius, some jolts especially in the month of April. A great desire to change life: you must not be afraid to abandon your certainties.


Dear Pisces, interesting weekend in June. Begins a two-year period in which you will find strength and also results.

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