DIY (04) – String art (TAO SIGN)

Today we will see how to create a beautiful picture with a simple yarn.

I chose the tao sign, but in reality you can also do it with a text or another design.

The effect is beautiful!

Let’s start!

DIY N. 04



wooden square (about 1 cm thick – yarn of two different colors (twine is also fine) – long needle – paint of the color you prefer – nails – hammer – scissors – compass (or circular object) – pencil

After painting the wooden square, place it on the table.

Draw a round shape with the help of a compass or a circular shape (for example a plate).

With the ruler mark the points on the diameter of your circle (about 1 cm).

Apply the nails.

Fix the thread on the first nail and wrap it on the nail on the opposite side. Go back to the first nail and wrap it on the next one, now go back on the bottom side and wrap it on the same nail. Summing up, at the top you will have to wrap one nail at a time, while proceeding on the bottom twice on the same nail.

Now proceed with the second color. Here you have to do the opposite, wrapping the thread twice instead of one and vice versa.

The second color will have to go under the first.

Continue until all the nails are covered.

Does it seem difficult to you? Then watch the tutorial and you will see that once you start it will be very easy!

Your string art painting is ready!

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