Quiz Time! 006/2021

Siete pronti per la domanda di oggi?

Se vorrete, potrete dare la risposta nei commenti.

La risposta giusta sarà pubblicata domani. In bocca al lupo!

Are you ready for today’s question?

If you wish, you can answer in the comments.

The correct answer will be published tomorrow. Good luck!

QUIZ – Uguaglianza impossibile?!

Ecco un’altra uguaglianza apparentemente impossibile
1 2 5=3 2 0
Ma diventa reale solo se si utilizzano due simboli matematici tra i numeri. Quali sono e come li utilizzi?

QUIZ – Impossible equality?!

Here is another seemingly impossible equality
1 2 5=3 2 0
But it only becomes real if you use two mathematical symbols between the numbers. What are they and how do you use them?

La risposta al quiz di ieri (QUIZ – aiuola in fiore)/The answer to yesterday’s quiz (QUIZ – Flowerbed in bloom):

SOLUZIONE: La risposta esatta è una sola volta, perchè la seconda raccolta avverrebbe in un aiuola che ne contiene 99.

Solution: The correct answer is only once, because the second collection would take place in a flowerbed containing 99 flowers

Quiz originale: http://www.animatamente.net/quiz/rompicapo-e-quiz-matematici-divertenti/

21 pensieri riguardo “Quiz Time! 006/2021

      1. They are still not quite right, but I am able to do everything on the computer. I have increased some magnifications, one or two I need to launcha separate “magnifying glass” program. Many apps, you can adjust the sixe but system fonts like menus and message boxes are tricky. Thank you for asking, I hope your New Year has started well. We are locked down again but, for me, no difference. This time around, I am continuing to work.

        Piace a 1 persona

      2. Nice to hear you are better. Here in Italy they keep closing and opening and people are really getting confused. The year started ok. I miss a bit normal life, but this how it is now. I’m optimist and I strongly believe that with a bit of patience and thanks to the vaccines, evrything will settle. Have a nice day 🙂

        "Mi piace"

      3. Oh, I’m sorry about that. I logged a call with the service provider and it is back up now. In any case, our area has had single figures throughout, but the last few weeks in the teens and the last few days around the 50 mark. That’s “cases per week”,

        Piace a 1 persona


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