DIY (10) – Paper hearts with surprise

After the Christmas holidays… here we are with a gift idea for Valentine’s Day.

How about these paper hearts with surprise? You can insert some sweets or use it as a container to give a jewel.

I sewed them up, but if you want to do it faster, just use hot glue.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 10



colored sheets (you can also use gift paper, or decorative silver or gold sheets) – needle and thread – small surprises to insert into the hearts – hot glue

Fold the sheet in half and draw half a heart on thefold. Cut and open it. In this way you will have your shape, to be repeated twice per color.

I advise you not to draw too small hearts, as this will make it more difficult to close them once you insert the gift.

Choose your small surprise to insert in the center and sew the edges. If you decide to use hot glue instead, it would be nicer to decorate the edges with colored ribbons or a cord.

I left them pretty simple, but you can use different materials like glitter, beads and ribbons to make them more sophisticated.

Your paper hearts with surprise are ready!

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