DIY (11) – Felt basket

Today we will see how to make this small basket with recycled materials.

I had some insulating material at home (the one you put behind the radiators so as not to disperse the heat) and I used it to create a beautiful basket in which to put my brushes and makeup.

It’s simple: just cut the shapes on A4 sheet and transfer them to the insulation material and felt sheets.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 11



rigid padded fabric (in this case I used insulating material that is placed behind the radiators to not disperse the heat, you will need two A4 sheets for the sides and a round one for the base) – colored felt (two for the sides and one for the base) – felt for the handles and for covering the seams – scissors – pencil – lace – hot glue

First, print the template (it must be on A4 sheet) and transfer it to both the felt and the insulating material.

Now cut two pieces of insulation material in A4 format. Do the same with two felt sheets.

Now, with the hot glue attach the two sheets of insulation material to your base (the white color will have to be towards the inside of your basket). Before joining also the sides, cut 4 cm from the top of the basket, this to be able to turn the felt sheets inwards.

Attach the felt sheets on the outside (the silver part). Turn the excess part towards the inside of your basket.

Now cut two strips 4 cm wide from a sheet of felt and place it over the junctions, always gluing it from the base. Let this also go inside and cut the excess part.

Let’s see how to create the handles: cut two strips 4 cm wide and 15 cm long. Glue one part inside and one part outside the basket.

Finally decorate with lace (I put it both inside and outside the basket).

If you want you can also put some lace on the base, to make your basket more special.

Your felt basket is ready!


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