DIY (15) – Recycled boxes – decoupage

We’re back with the box recycling projects.

Today we will use a very simple technique to decorate the boxes that we often have in our homes: with découpage.

It takes very little time and effort !

For them to really come out nice, however, you need to use the right kind of paper. The best one is the one with the consistency of paper napkins, so if you find nice ones I suggest you buy them right away.

I used gift wrapping paper, but it’s harder to roll out, and it could show flaws.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 15



cardboard boxes – acrylic color – brush – beads or other decorations that you have at home – hot glue – colored paper (the thinner it is, the better it will work, the best consistency is that of napkins) – vinyl glue

First of all, let’s prepare the our box:

First pass the acrylic color on the box and let it dry.

Cut the paper you have chosen (into pieces not too large to allow you to attach it well, without creating lumps).

With a brush, place some vinyl glue on the box, place over the colored paper and apply another layer of vinyl glue. Proceed in this way with the whole box until it is completely covered. You can also use some white paper and some colored paper inserts, as you like.

Apply the decorations

Now attach the rose with hot glue (to see how to make simple decorative flowers in felt go to the post: You can also use other decorations if you prefer.

Your decoupage box is ready.


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