Saving at home – Salted crepes filled with cream cheese


Hi everyone!

Today we will see an easy recipe that will surely please children, not only for the taste but also for the arrangement on the plate.

However, these crepes are a very tasty dish appreciated by both adults and children. Their neutral dough makes them perfect for both sweet and savoury preparations.

In both cases they won’t last long on the table!

Let’s start:


Ingredients for 4 people: 1 egg – 65 g flour 00 – 125 ml milk – 10 g butter Melted plus q.b. to butter the pan – 1 pinch of salt – soft cheese – 10 cherry tomatoes – half a carrot


Let’s start with the dough. In a bowl pour the milk and add the egg, melted butter and a pinch of salt. With a whip, beat it well.

Add the sifted flour and always with the whisk mix well trying to avoid the formation of lumps. Let the dough rest for 10 minutes. Meanwhile wash the tomatoes and cut them in half. Clean the carrot and cut 4 carrot threads of the same length.

Take a small pan and let it heat well on the stove; grease it with a knob of butter. With a ladle take some dough and slide it to the center of the pan, let it rotate to spread the mixture on the whole bottom. Cook for 2 minutes and turn the crêpe to finish cooking for another minute. Proceed like this throughout the dough.

You should get 8 waffles. In two serving plates arrange in the middle a row of 5 half of tomatoes turned with the skin upwards. At one end add two carrot threads as if to make antennas.

Take the crêpes stuffed, each with cream cheese (about 1 spoon). Fold them in 4, then arrange on the serving plate 4 crêpes as to form the wings of a butterfly (then put two crêpes per side compared to the row of tomatoes).

Your tasty salted crepes filled with cream cheese are ready!

Enjoy your meal!

original recipe:

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