DIY (18) – Air Dry Clay Bracelet

Let’s start!

Today we will go for this DIY that you can do with your kids.

Diy bracelet made of air dry clay is a great mother’s day gift idea kids can make. While kids will enjoy the process itself, they will love the colorful results, too.

Making diy air dry clay bracelets involves a great set of activities for toddler to school-age kids: a lot of fine motor skills activities, painting, color mixing and threading. Take a look at this easy how-to and make your own beaded bracelets!

DIY N. 18



air dry clay (my favorite is DAS brand) or homemade fimo (see post: – a few small dowels or simply toothpicks – paint (acrylic will hold, nail polish is an option, glitter paint is great too) – rolling pin, paintbrush – satin ribbon or twine – plastic large-eye needle for crafting

Open your package of air drying clay – you only need a portion of it, better work in small chunks to avoid drying it too quickly.

Knead the clay a bit to soften it, then pinch off a small portion and then you have several options of how to make beads.

Roll it into a spaghetti-like form. Flatten it, and then start rolling it around a toothpick. This is how some of the beads were made. They turned out beautiful.

An easier option (and sometimes better-suited for the younger ones) is to simply make a ball and pierce the toothpick through the middle, like this:

Leave the beads for a day or two to dry. The bigger the beads, the longer they will take to dry.

Once the beads dried out, paint them. What a fun activity! You can use tempera paint. If you are after a more permanent solution, and probably with older kids, use acrylic paint or nail polish.

When you have enough beads on the satin ribbon, tie the ribbon.

Done. Now it’s time your kids start playing.

Your bracelet is ready!

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