DIY (19) – Heart Charm Necklace

Let’s start!

Hi, today’s DIY comes from Renee’s YouTube channel and blog Cute Simple Things.

We will se how to create these two Hollow Hearth Charms Clay Necklaces, they are so fast and really easy to make, and they add something unique and lovely to any outfit, they are subtle statement!

DIY N. 19



heart mould – clay (you can choose wether to make your own, or buy it ready) – cutter – chain – strong glue – metallic spray paint (gold or silver)

This project is so easy!

Just roll a piece of clay to form a very thin snake.

Wrap it around the mould and let it dry. If you use clay that hardens in the heat, remove the mould before putting it in the oven

Be very careful not to break the charm.

You can choose wether to leave the pendant as it is or you can cut it in half with the cutter and then assemble the two parts in an offset manner.

Color with spray paint (for a special effect I suggest metallic gold or silver) and let it dry.

Your charm is ready and you will just have to nsert it in a necklace.

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