DIY (20) – Card with moving butterflies

Today we will see how to prepare this very nice card, suitable for both Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.
It’s not difficult, but you just have to be patient in cutting out and coloring the various pieces to assemble it.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 20


materiali necessari:

colored cardboard – butterfly template (see below) – acrylic colors – crayons or colored markers – double-sided tape – hot glue – black felt pen – 1 cent coin – greeting message (I used a stamp) – pad or sponge to apply the color on the card

First, fold an A4 paper in half.

Print the template above in the measure you prefer (for a card in this format I have inserted two butterflies not too big).

With the thin black marker, go over the edges of the butterflies. Then color them with colored pencils or markers.

Cut the outlines roughly and glue them onto the cardboard. Now cut them out leaving a small border around the butterfly.

Create two different shades of acrylic color: one light and one darker. With a tampon or sponge, apply the light colour on the cover of your ticket and then the dark colour.

With a cutter cut two circles (little smaller than the coin)

Cut a small square of double-sided tape and apply it on the coin. Place it behind the hole and now attach the butterfly in front. This one should move.

Now open the card and go to attach (with double-sided tape) a card of the appropriate size to cover the movement mechanism of the butterflies.

I applied the writing with a stamp, but if you do not have any, you can easily download them from the internet and apply on the card after cutting the edges.

If you attach them with double-sided tape, you will get a nice 3D effect.

Your card is ready.


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