DIY (27) – Fabric heart Valentine garland

Hi everyone!

Here we go with another pretty decoration for Valentine’s Day, which won’t take you forever to make. 

The edges of the fabric hearts are left raw so that you won’t have to clip curves and turn all those hearts right side out. 

It’s a great project for using scraps, too!

Let’s start!!!

DIY 27



20 5’’ x 5’’ squares of red print quilting cotton fabrics
– 5’’ x 5’’ squares flannel or stabilizer (I use Pellon Midweight Stabilizer 40) – Yarn or string – about 6’ – Wide eyed needle (depends on the width of the yarn/ string you use) – Sewing Machine, – coordinating thread, scissors – Pinking shears – Ironing board and iron

pdf heart:

Cut out all the hearts.  For the garland with this amount of material you will cut 20 hearts from fabric and 10 hearts from flannel (or stabilizer).

Assemble layers by laying 1 heart wrong side up, then flannel/ stabilizer layer, and then another heart right side up.  See photo below.

Assemble all the hearts (a total of 10) before sewing them together.  Pay attention to how they look as a whole – is there a good mix of colors?  Are there too many of one fabric style?  A good mix can make your garland look much better!  

Clip (or pin) the layers together where the top curve of the heart straightens on the side.  Repeat on the other side. These pins indicate where you will leave a gap in your sewing to make space for the garland string.

Repeat with the 9 other hearts.

Now you will have 10 hearts.  Before stringing them together,  arrange the heart in the order you want for the garland.  Again, pay attention to mixing of fabrics so you get a well balanced look.

Thread the yarn/ string through the needle.  Then insert the needle into  the side opening of the first heart in your stack. 

Push the needle through to the other side by squiching the heart with your fingers to push the needle through gently and out through the opening on the other side.  

Continue stringing hearts until you have done all ten.

Tie loops at the ends and you are ready to hang your beautiful heart garland!


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