DIY (31) – Bracelet made with metal nuts

Hi Everyone!!

A few days ago I was in a brico and seeing the washers that are used for the doors, I came up with this creative idea: a bracelet made with washers covered with the classic sewing thread.

Today I posted it in red color (my favorite color), but you can also do it in many different colors, maybe using threads that you already have in your sewing box.


DIY 31



washers in steel or aluminum (usually they are very inexpensive) – colored wire – needle – very sharp scissors – hook and ring

To make this bracelet you just need a little patience, but it’s really easy.

With the sewing thread make a knot around the washer so as to secure it. Create a ring with the thread and go inside with the needle and tighten (see photo above). Continue like this until you completely cover the entire washer.

When you get to the last round, pass the yarn twice to create a closing knot.

Do the same with the other washers (I chose washers of different sizes).

Sew the washers together or insert a ring on each just before closing them.

Your bracelet is ready!


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