DIY (42) – Homemade Mikado game

Hi everyone!!!

Do you want to create a game in minutes? The Mikado is originally from Japan and to make it at home you need few simple materials that you potentially have at home or that you can find in any supermarket: wooden sticks and acrylic color.

let’s start!

DIY N. 42



wooden sticks (for skewers) – acrylic colour – adhesive tape – brush

First prepare your palette. A sheet of aluminum paper is also fine. Create 7 custom colors by mixing the primary colors with the brush.

Divide the sticks into 8 groups to paint them in different colors. The sticks with fewer colors must be more numerous than those that allow you to earn a maximum of points.

Use adhesive tape to create multicolored sticks with two or three colors. Only one of the sticks should be dressed in 7 colors: it is the one that is worth the most points.

Use a jar to place the sticks you have painted. Make sure they don’t touch each other: if necessary, use one glass per color. Let them dry for about 30 minutes. Assign a number of points to each color: you can launch your Mikado game.

Don’t worry if it’s a bit different from the original game. The idea is not to create an exact replica, but to propose a fun activity for children and adults. Because the most important thing is to have fun. So, be creative and feel free to invent your own rules of the game!

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