DIY (45) – DIY kitchen bag holder

Hi everyone!

Today we will see how to make a very nice kitchen bag holder, simple and created using materials that surely you will already have at home.

Let’s start

DIY N. 45



Tube Pringles – tape cm 27 – tape cm 25,5 – say paper diameter cm 7 – permanent marker, cutter, scissors, sample holder, pencil, rubber

Wash and dry the Pringles tube. Remove any residue from the closure film.

Color the entire top edge with an permanent color.

Sprinkle with the vinavil a part of the tube and begin to wrap the paper. You can stop the initial point with some paper tape.
It’s more comfortable not to cover the whole tube with glue, but to proceed to zones. Glue a disc on the lid with a suitable glue (e.g. universal glue).

Glue the 25.5 cm tape strip with the vinavil to the edge of the upper edge.

Make a slit about 1 cm from the edge of the cap; fold about 1 cm of the 27 cm tape onto the cap and attach it to the cap using a sample holder.

Glue the tape on the joint of the paper with the cap, using the vinavil. A few centimetres of tape must remain free to allow the cap to move freely.

Allow to dry for a couple of hours. With the cutter finally cut a square not larger than 5 cm from which the bags will pass.

Your DIY kitchen bag holder is ready!

p.s. if you want you can use fabric or lace instead of paper.



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