DIY (46) – Little bird house

Hi everyone!!

Building some little colored houses to accommodate the birds on our balconies and gardens is really easy by following the tutorial below.

Lets see the necessary materials and the step by step procedure.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 46



7 wooden panels 1 cm thick in the following sizes:
1 panel 28 cm x 32 cm for the bottom;
1 front panel as per diagram;
1 rear panel as per scheme;
2 side panels cm 35 x 28;
2 covering panels cm 32 x cm 25 with one of the sloping edges to join them
hinges – glue – nails – impregnating flatting to protect the wood – a rod drilled about 25 cm if you decide to anchor the house to the tree – iron wire – colored paint for brown wood – drill screwdriver with a wood cutter to create the opening, that will be the door to enter and exit – screwdriver – meter brush

Using the drill, equipped with a cup saw, drill a hole in the front panel, at the bottom of the same, a diameter of 12 -15 cm.

Glue the two roof panels along the inclined edge and let them dry.

Screw, with self-tapping screws, the shaft drilled to the rear panel (this step only if you want to anchor it to the shaft).

With the aid of selftapping screws and a screwdriver, assembled at the base, one after the other, the two side panels, then the rear one.

Screw, always with self-tapping screws, the hinge inside the structure, so assembled, and to the front panel in which the hole was drilled, as a way of access. The hinge will allow you to inspect the interior of the house at any time and to carry out the appropriate cleaning.

Fix to the structure the two roof panels with screws.

Treat the house with an impregnating flatting” type that will make it resistant to atmospheric agents and at the same time will allow you to paint the desired color.

Pass two coats of paint.

Your bird house is ready to be placed on a tree or on your balcony!

If you are not really passionate about DIY with wood, you can easily find on the market houses that are already cut and ready to assemble.



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