DIY (53) – Ceramic vase

Hi everyone!!

Can one have too many vases?

They might get overlooked but I feel they are a core element of interior decoration. Those fresh flowers you just brought home are amazing but the vase you choose can either bring them down or elevate them. This is probably why people tend to keep a serious collection of vases! You never know what shape or style you might need. Today we will make an easy DIY ceramic vase to add to your rotation!

The rustic faux pottery finish will fit any decoration style – whether you love farmhouse, minimalist or japandi. Check out the tutorial below to learn how to make it yourself!

Let’s start

DIY N. 53



Glass vase – cheap glass carafe – wooden curtain rings – white paint – baking soda, plaster or talcum powder – glue

To start, look at the vase you want to upcycle (in this case it’s a water carafe!) and decide how many rings you need to use.

Next, take a half wooden ring and position it on the vase so you have an idea of where to place it. When you’re confident with your positioning, apply a few drops of hot glue on the end of the half-ring and press it onto the vase. Repeat this step with all the handles you prepared.

To achieve the rustic faux pottery look, you need textured paint. It’s quite easy to change the texture of paint and you don’t have to feel locked in a particular add-on ingredients. A variety of powders can work!

I have tried baking soda, soda bicarbonate (not the same thing as baking soda! It’s much grainier), powdered clay, and talcum powder. They all work in their own way. Baking soda makes your paint bubble up for a lovely messy, rustic finish. Soda bicarbonate (or salt for that matter) gives the paint a grainy texture. And talcum powder or powdered clay provide more body.


Mix 1/3 cup of paint, half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda, and 1 teaspoon of clay.

Feel free to mess around with non-food powders you can find in your home, it’s fun playing little alchemist! You can adjust the dosage until you get a finish you love, just start painting and adjust as you go!

Don’t forget to paint inside the vase, at least a couple of inches down the rim, for a clean finish.

Your ceramic look vase is ready!

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