DIY (56) – Bunny made with pom pom

Hi everyone!!

These bunnies are so easy to make and so cute.

Below you will find the step by step tutorial.

Let’s start!

DIY N. 56



Yarns of different colors – felt – hot glue – 1 size A4 cardboard – fishing thread

Begin by cutting an A4 cardboard in half (on long side).

Now fold it in half (you should get a square).

Starting from the open side, cut in half without going all the way, (look at video tutorial)

Insert the yarn into the opening and then roll it all around the cardboard. Obviously. The more you spin with the wire, the thicker your pompom pom.

When you have got a nice ball around your card, insert the thread in the cut. Go and join it with the first one you’ve inserted and remove the ball.

Join the two ends of thread, tighten it well and make a double knot. Your first ponpon is almost ready.

Now cut off the closed parts, leaving two long ends so use it to connect it to the muzzle. Shake the pom pom. Adjust the shape by cutting off the excess parts.

Create a smaller pompom for the rabbit’s snout and then another 3 smaller ones for the paws and the tail. Attach the body to the head by tying the threads you left long.

Cut out the ears from a piece of gray felt and the inside from a pink piece (x2).

Attach the ears, the eyes, the mustache (fishing wire) and, finally, the nose.

Your pom-pom bunny is ready!



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