DIY (57) – Recipe box

Hi Everyone,

I love lace and ribbon and pretty vintage things, and this box is inspired to match vintage 1950‘s aqua and yellow colors.

Enjoy doing this project and let out all your creativity! You can decorate it with fabrics, lace or other material that you already have at home

Let’s start!

DIY N. 57



1 patterned paper (about 12 x 12 iches or 31 x 31 cm to cover the box) – 1 patterned paper (6 x 12 inches or 15,5 x 31 cm to decorate) – 3 patterned paper sheets ( 12 x 12 inches or 15,5 x 15,5 cm to make the recipe cards or more if you like) – a cardboard box (wooden, metal) – Letters (chipboard , stickers or die cuts) – old ribbon or cloth belt – vintage pin or earring -vintage button (smaller than the pin) – scarap of ribbon – paper scraps and stickers to embellish – scissors – paper trimmer – dry adhesive – hot glue – pen

Trim the top or any excess off of the box.

Cut your recipe cards out of 12×12 paper to fit inside your box.

Write your recipes on your cards and decorate them however you like.

Cover your box with patterned paper and secure with a dry adhesive.

Glue an old fabric stripe or ribbon around the top of the box by using hot glue.

Add your title, and any decorations you want to the front of the box. At this point, you are also going to bunch up a scrap of ribbon, and glue your vintage button to the vintage pin and glue the pin to the ribbon and stick on on the top left corner of the box.

Voila! It’s beautiful! Add a couple of stickers to one side of the recipe box to list the recipes that were in there, feel free to experiment and be randomly creative!

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