DIY (59) – Notebook pencil holder

Hi Everyone,

Need a neat way to keep your pencils, markers and pens organized while on the go?

Check out this cute notebook pencil holder that doubles down as a bookmark! 

Let’s start!

DIY N. 58



craft scissors -fabric Scraps – medium weight interfacing – scissors – elastic zipper – foot – pins – matching thread – sewing machine – quilting clips – pinking Shears – blunt tool to push the Corners out

Print out your pattern pieces and cut out with craft scissors.

Cut out the fabric pieces according to how long the zipper is leaving two extra cm per side. You should have 4 pieces for the front pouch (for a good measure I suggest a width of 4 cm), 1 piece for the back (8 cm or double of size of front pouch), 2 pieces for the front lining and 1 piece for the back lining.

Interface all pieces for the outer pouch.

Grab the front pieces for one side and place them in order right side up.

Get one piece of the front and place it right side up.

Top with the zipper, the teeth and zipper pull facing down.

Top with one of the front lining pieces, wrong side up.

Clip all three pieces using quilting clips.

Remove your regular foot and replace with a zipper foot.

Sew as close to the zipper as possible. If your zipper is longer than the fabrics, push the zipper pull up as much as it will let you, to get it out of your way while sewing.

Flip the lining to the right.

Then under and press. You can also topstitch if you like.


Place the front lining right side up.

Top with the left front pouch pieces right side up.

Add the left front outer fabric wrong side up.

Clip and sew as close to the zipper as possible.

Push the second front fabric and the second lining to the right and press well. Top stitch if you like.

Open the zipper about half way through then put the front piece on a side.


Get the elastic and measure around a book/notebook to decide on the length needed. Trim the elastic according to your needs.

Place the back outer fabric right side up and top with the elastic, right through the middle.

Pin the elastic to the sides and sew with 1/4″ (0,5 cm) allowance.


Place the back lining wrong side up.

Top with the back outer fabric right side up

Then top with the front panel sewn above, lining side up.

Clip all pieces together, making sure the zipper falls right in the middle of the elastic.

Sew all around the four edges with 1/2″ allowance, backstitching start and end.

Using your pinking shears, trim the entire seam to 1/4″ (0,50 cm).

Also clip the corners to remove some of the bulk in the area.

Turn the pouch right side out.

Push the corners out using your blunt tool and smooth out the seams with your fingers.

Give the pouch a nice press, fill with pencils and attach it to your book/notebook!

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