Saving at home – Sun bread



Hi everyone!

Here we are with another bread recipe, but thisone, believe me, is really special!

The addition of pineapple makes this recipe tasty and original, also ideal to serve as a snack.

The amount of pineapple suggested is approximate. Some boxes are 200 g, others 227, so don’t bother to weigh and measure – just use half of a can! You can store the remaining pineapple in an airtight container with enough juice to cover it and put it in the fridge for a snack or to use it in another recipe. For a quick breakfast with your children, or as a snack to keep in the drawer and munch or to prepare delicious sandwiches.

It is preferable to eat the sun bread when it is still warm, but if there is some left, you can safely toast it the next day.

Let’s start:


Ingredients for 1 small loaf: 350 g simple flour, plus the necessary to knead – a sachet of 7 g baking powder – 1 carrot – 30 g raisins – 1/2 can of 200 g pineapple pieces and the juice of an entire can – oil or butter to grease the pan


Put the flour in a large bowl and add the yeast. Grate the carrot finely and add the raisins. Mix everything, then make a fountain in the middle of the dry ingredients. Drain the pineapple pieces in a measuring cup or in a graduated cup, to store the juice to use shortly. Place the pineapple pieces in the middle of the dry dough.
Add warm water to pineapple juice to reach 160 ml. Pour into the fountain in the middle of the ingredients over the pieces of pineapple, and mix all together to make a soft and consistent dough.

Turn the dough upside down on a lightly floured work surface and work it gently. As you work it, the pineapple pieces may break and make the dough more moist. In this case, pour more flour on the dough and knead it. Let start the leavening on the working surface for about 15 minutes.
Move the dough into a greased baking pan of about 1/2 kg (about 17 x 7 x 6 cm), cover it with plastic wrap and let it grow (this is the second part of the leavening process), for half an hour. A little before the end of this process, turn on the oven at 180 º C to preheat it.

Place the pan in the preheated oven for 45 minutes, until the bread has grown and browned at the top. It should be light when you pull it out of the oven (you can be sure when you hit the bottom you will hear an empty sound). It’s a pretty damp bread, so you can let it cook a little bit longer if you like. Let it cool slightly, then take it off the pan.

To prepare the sandwiches, simply divide the dough into 8 balls or cut it with a cookie mold. In this case, reduce the cooking time to about 18 minutes.

Enjoy your meal!

original recipe: A Girl Called Jack, Jack Monroe 2014 – Penguin Books Ltd.

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