DIY (70) – Metallic leaf Easter Eggs

Hi everyone!

Easter is getting closer and you need some decorating ideas?

These eggs are very simple to make and they will be perfect for decorating your home during Easter. If you use fake eggs, you will have this decoration ready every year.

Let’s start!



Eggs of your choice (either real and hardboiled, or faux) – Metallic leaf adhesive (also called sizing) – Metallic leaf – Paint brushes of various sizes – Fluffy, dry brush

Start by painting on the adhesive to the surface of the egg. Start with a thin coat and add if needed. You should never have so much adhesive that it starts to pool. Once the adhesive is painted on, allow the adhesive to dry for a minute or two until it starts to feel very tacky.

Carefully and gently apply a sheet of metal leaf over the adhesive. You may have to tear off some smaller sections from your sheet of leaf and apply around the egg to get full coverage. If you have the type of leaf that is attached to a sheet, press the sheet around the egg and pull the sheet away so that the leaf sticks to the adhesive.

Use a dry, fluffy, semi-stiff brush to buff and burnish away the excess gold leaf. This is best done over a bag or trash can to catch all of the flakes as they buff off. Continue until you have a smooth, shiny surface. 

If you find that when you were buffing the leaf some sections peeled off and exposed the egg underneath, repeat the process from the beginning, applying a thin layer of adhesive just to the exposed areas, then adding more gold leaf and buffing again. 

If you’d like to try some smaller detailed patterns or images, use a small, thin brush to brush on your adhesive in your desired pattern, like a heart, words, dots or stripes, flowers, or just about anything you can imagine!


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